Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SA2 Revamp and Restart

Ok, finally going to post some public info on the state of Strange Acquaintances 2 because I know people want to be informed on what's happening here.

It's good news!

So after much thought, a few months of learning how to draw better, some revamping of story and character my husband and I have made some decisions on the script.

First, poor Dahgan the dwarf will be replaced. Seems there was a lot of people that weren't too keen on the idea of a dwarf in sexual scenes so we decided to replace him with a night elf male named Vaelthun (seen right). I know there are some dwarf lovers out there that are going to be sad, but we might have a cameo of Dahgan in the comic or some silliness of him being replaced in a pre-comic.

Second, as for the rest of the caste and script well that had to be rewritten in some regards just because of the new character and Jayton's interaction with him, but for the most part the script is the same and the other two main characters have not change.

Finally, the big question: When will SA2 start? Well, right now I have a little mini-comic I'm working on to test out some ways I want to do SA2 and get myself back into drawing regularly, so that will be done first before I go venturing into SA2. That and I want to try and build some surplus for SA2 before I go posting it live BUT you'll certainly will be seeing me streaming the making of this :)

To see me stream my work at any time just keep an eye out on my tumblr or twitter account. Be warned I don't really have a set schedule but I do draw for like 4+ hrs almost everyday for streaming.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

SA2 Removed and On Hiatus

Also, some of you may or may not have noticed I have removed Strange Acquaintances 2. Why? Well, simply because I haven't had any time to work on it like I want and, frankly, I'm just not liking the character designs in some regards. I want to go back and tweak them some and look at working on fixing some other issues I'm having with the comic. So for not SA2 is on hiatus.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Strange Acquaintances 2 Hiadus Over

So, finally after over a month long wait I’ve finally finished Strange Acquaintances 2 page 6. So what was the deal and why did it take so long?

First, I was frustrated with my art and fell into a slump and as was mentioned in a blog post I decided that I was going to take my time on this so it was fun and not a chore, and mostly to help improve my art. I started concentrating more on backgrounds since I found I was sloppy with them, and though I’m still not perfectly happy with the backgrounds I do feel it’s an improvement.

Secondly, while trying to work myself out of my art slump I came across some new brushes, new artists (to observe), and I started to fool around and practice with these new things. Now some of you guys might not be able to see any changes or improvements in my art, but I do and now I feel like I can move forward.

Finally, and this is the big one, due to being frustrated with my art I pretty much avoided the page. I couldn’t look at it as it symbolized what I was having issues with in my art. Well, the previous pages were that too. I have this huge urge to go back and redo them, but not now as I want to continue to move forward.

What will be the update schedule for SA2 now? Same as always: when I’m done it. I really have to concentrate more on work than free stuff and this is supposed to be done for me for fun, you guys just happen to be sharing in that with me :)

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went on. So TL;DR boils down to stupid artist drama shit, BAAAW my art sucks! :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Strange Acquaintances 2 and the State of Saturday Updates

COMMISSION STATUS – Close! And I am not doing free requests either, sorry.

Well working on SA2 page 6 right now, and I have to say “fuck it!”

Not to SA2 but rather to trying to push out pages as fast as I can and having the quality suffer. See the point of doing SA and SA2 were to help me learn to improve my art in comic pages. I’ve learned a lot in the first comic, but this time I actually want to practice my background. I pretty much cheated and used very heavy references in the last 5 pages of SA2 and I don’t like that. I don’t feel like I’ve actually learned anything. I might as well just copy-paste backgrounds like I did in SA1. As a result though, getting pages out once a week means I have to spend a lot of time on, and this is time I should be 1) spending on work that pays my bills; and 2) I’d like to have SOME time to do other stuffs as it’s not fun just drawing ALL THE TIME. I need a break. A breather. And sometimes I just want to draw something else for fun :(

So what does that mean, are we going to have to wait a month or more for free updates? Well, no. I still do want to produce free stuff regularly, it just won’t be SA2 ever week. Like say doing character portraits and sexy pinups for people to enjoy without having to pay me for it :P

Other than that this is basically just a “So You Know” journal entry on what’s happening with me and why SA2 has missed another Saturday. I’ll try to have something up tomorrow so keep an eye out on other places I post (Hentai Foundry, free section on my paysite, Darknest, and Deviant Art – all under ackanime)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Itinerary 2011

Time for a new itinerary now that the old one from last year is out of date.


I now stream my art, not all the time, but most of the time. No I can’t give you a heads up other than I usually stream Mon/Wed/Fri and sometimes Sat. I give noticed when I am on my twitter and the Darknest IRC channel.

My channels are here:

LiveStream – for all my mild to non-erotic pieces.

WatchTail – for all my excessive erotic peices. NOTE: there’s a 15 person limit to the channel so first come first served.

NOTICE: with the help of some friends, they will be looking into setting up streaming off my server (when they have the chance) so I don’t have to be limited by what I can stream and where :)

Members Section – aka Paysite

Apartment 261 – this is the current and ONLY comic being worked one. I’ve stopped having more than one comic going in the member section since it was getting confusing for me to keep myself straight on storylines and members wanted me to focus on one for speedier updates.

Zaela Chapter 3 – this will start after Apartment 261 is done.

Tantric – there will be another instalment to this series after Zaela. The script is currently being worked on.

Pinups – as you’ve all see Dr.Graevling has joined DtB.ca and is posting pinups every Friday.

Requests – These are now closed permanently. I still have over 300 on the list and I think it’s enough to get an idea of what you members want to see :)

Free Section

Strange Acquaintances 2 – this comic is now under way and I’m looking at updating every Saturday. This is a normal free comic that my husband and I have chosen to do and is not a part of Darknest or any fundraiser whatsoever.

Free Requests – I will never do free requests as I just don’t have the time for it. Anything done for free will usually be done for a friend or for family when I have time.

Commissions – still closed. Haven’t had any time and as such there will be no price list posted. NOTE: if I do reopen, yes, I will make an announcement.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project Itinerary

Ok, so people have been asking me again and again about what I’m doing next and when. Well, it occurred to me that no everyone knows where to look when I post this info so I’ve decided to be sensible and post it here in my blog. You know, the blog I made just for this purpose :P

Commissions and Requests

Ok this is an important one! The only requests I’ll be taking are ones submitted by paying members through the request form provided in the member section. Note that I sort of do the requests at random and the list is almost 300 requests long.

As for doing requests for free – No. I just don’t have the time with work and the free projects I have going. I love to draw, yes, but there are times I just need to get away from that.

As for commissions – I am closed and will continue to be closed until further notice. Please to no ask me when that will be, I have no clue.

Free Stuff on DtB.ca

Darknest Incentive Pinups
19 of 30 complete – This is what I’m going to concentrate on until done before going on to anything else in the free section.

Strange Acquaintances 2
Yup, we’ll be doing another SA but this time we’ll be focusing on other characters. The main character will be featuring a female tauren criminal escaping from the Stockades. She’ll be pursued by a human male and dwarf male.
Note this has yet to be scripted, but the idea is pretty much set.

The Artificer Comic
This is going to be put on hold for now. My husband has decide that the script that he has written is just not his best and just doesn’t make him happy. So for now he’ll be rethinking the story he wants to be drawn.

Member Stuff on DtB.ca

Request Pinups
Ok, I’ve actually been sitting down and cracking into these. The pinups for now will be going into a sort of storage to help build up some backup work for when I get sick, fall behind, or go on vacation.

After the Voting Comic is done I’ll be focusing on one comic at a time…yeah I sometimes get a bit over zealous when it comes to comics my husband scripts and I try to do them all at once :P

Don’t worry Zaela will be returning and we have at least another story involving here, but for now it won’t be drawn until the Voting Comic, Weird Alchemy, and Apartment 261 are complete.

Apartment 261
This is currently on hold until the Voting Comic and Weird Alchemy are done. As stated above about comics in general.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Artificer Comic - Character Sketches

Working on some character sketches for those that will be in the comic, all including of course the main characters you've come to know from the written stories on the site, and of course the additional/minor characters that will be in the comic.

This comic will be free and will take the place of Strange Acquaintances when it's complete in early 2010 (there's less than 10 left!).

So for now, Steve is still working on the script and I'm still working on characters.

I'll post more when I get them done.